What are the Most Beautiful Scenic Drives in Texas?

The roads have hidden wonders. Travel a lot and you’ll know this. Each and every road towards every state and cities have their own unique character. Some look great in the summer. Others are quite appealing in the fall. And there are also those that perfectly embody the mystery of winter.

The country roads of Texas are one of these. Texas has many roads that offer great views (they’re great for Instagram!). From blooming flowers to the majestic view of arid landscapes, these roads have it all. If you’re in Texas, never fail to visit them.

Get your car ready and let’s head to the best roads in Texas for a kaleidoscopic drive!

Willow City Loop – Fredericksburg

Texas looks alive in the spring. The sun shines bright and greeneries are shouting that they’re ready for summer. Willow City Loop is one of the places in Texas which symbolizes the rejuvenating power of spring. It’s a road that teems with colors during this season.

Willow City Loop is part of Fredericksburg. People love to access Willow City Loop during the spring because of its wildflowers. In spring, the sides of this road are filled with yellow, violet, scarlet, and pink shades of horsemint, Indian paintbrush and other flowers. Beware because you can’t make a stop and take pictures on some parts of the road. Few lands are owned privately and the least that you want to have is someone carrying a gun to chase your tail.

After Willow City Loop, you should head straight to Fredericksburg. Fredericksburg has various scenic locations that you will love. You can visit St. Mary’s Catholic Chuch which is a beautiful church inspired by renaissance architecture. If you’re into art, you can also opt to visit Charle’s Beckendorf Gallery.

Twisted Sisters

The “Twisted sisters” is a collective name for Hill County roads 335, 336, and 337. You shouldn’t think twice to visit here if you’re fond of traveling by motorcycle. The numerous turns that the Twisted Sisters has will test your riding skills. Get your safety gears ready because you’ll be challenged here.

But aside from its perilous character, the Twisted Sisters is also famous for its wonderful view of the Hill County landscape. You’ll get to see beautiful ranches, get a panoramic look at the Hill country grounds, and feel the natural vibe of grasses and trees that are very alive in the summer and early fall.

Twisted Sisters might have a disturbing name but don’t let this discourage you. Access this road and you’ll experience the best motorcycle ride of your life.

Lonesome Highway – Guadalupe Mountains

Lonesome Highway pertains to a series of routes just south of Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The name of this scenic drive might be lonely but don’t let it fool you. Lonesome Highway is an invigorating road that evokes freedom. In my opinion, this is the best place for you to play your vehicle’s songs in full volume and sing like there’s no tomorrow.

Lonesome Highway will expose you to the blue and vast horizon of the Texas landscape. Up ahead is the proud and majestic image of the Guadalupe mountains. Driving on the Lonesome Highway makes you feel that you’re chasing it. Summer is the best time to drive in the Lonesome Highway at 3 or 4 pm. During these times, the Guadalupe Mountains and the grounds surrounding Lonesome Highway become feiry red which gives out a magical vibe.

After traversing Lonesome Highway, you shouldn’t forget to visit Guadalupe Mountains National Park. This park has a total area of 349.51 square kilometers. Most of its area consists of rocky landscapes. However, picture taking is great despite the rocks because Guadalupe Mountains National Park has elevated spots that provide a breathtaking view of the Lonesome Highway and other areas nearby.

Texas Swiss Alps Scenic Drive

I was really surprised when I found out about this one. Who would’ve expected that Texas has a great spot that looks highly similar to the expansive view of the Swiss valley and its mountains? Texas Swiss Alps is perhaps one of the most relaxing drives in Texas. If you’re planning to give your eyes a feast, consider coming here.

The Texas Swiss Alps Drive is a loop that spans for 85 miles. This is located near the City of Leakey that takes pride in its lush greeneries and tempting freshwaters. Traversing on Texas Swiss Alps drive will take you to places that are placed 1,400 feet – 2, 150 above sea level. Stop on these spots and you’ll get a bird’s eye view of tree grounds and rocky hills and flatlands.

You can go directly to Sabinal and Medina Rivers by traversing Texas Swiss Alps Drive. These rivers are open for fishing given that you have a fishing license. If not, you can opt to make a short stop and take a peek at the plants surrounding them. You may even opt to engage in watersports because Medina and Sabinal Rivers are open for kayaking or canoeing.

Highway 207

Highway 207 will take you through the areas of Post Texas, Texas South Plains, Texas Panhandle, and the border dividing Texas and Oklahoma. This scenic drive stretches for 321.405 kilometers. Highway 207 opened for access in 1934. At present , it’s one of those routes that allows tourists to see the different sights which Texas can offer.

Highway 207 will allow you to see elevated landscapes, arid landscapes, and nature carved rocks. But the best thing about Highway 207 is that accessing it will take you to the heart of the United States second-largest canyon. Highway 207 will give you the liberty of exploring and discovering the scenic beauty of Paolo Duro. That said, you should come here before going to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

This scenic drive also allows you to visit the tourist attractions in Texas South Plains, Texas Panhandle, and the Texas-Oklahoma border. You can opt to take a look at the Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio (Texas South Plains), take a guided tour in Devil’s rope museum (Texas Panhandle), and engage in water activities in Lake Texoma (Texas-Oklahoma Border).

Let’s Wrap It Up!

These are the 5 best drives in Texas. The routes that I mentioned made it on my list because they offer wonderful views. Aside from this, they can serve as direct routes on some of the best tourist destinations that Texas has. What are you waiting for? Rev your car’s engine and get on these roads!

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