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Is there a difference between the New Ball Park and Globe Life Field old park?

Yes! The New Ball Park of the Texas Rangers is opening this year.

The New Ballpark of the Texas Rangers is set to be a world-class stadium featuring a retractable and a climate – controllable roof. Are you aware that the HKS- designed new ballpark stadium in Arlington is set to replace the Old Park of the Texas Rangers by mid-2020? The 1.7 million-square-feet new ballpark, Globe Life Field, has a seating capacity that can accommodate 41,000 persons becoming one of the largest stadiums in Texas. By summer this year the new Ballpark is set to be fully operational where all baseball games ranging from professional, college baseball sporting events and high school sporting activities will be held.

How much is the New Ball Park budget?

The $1.1-billion worth baseball park construction began in September and set to complete in 2020, and once completed, the Globe Life Field will be hosting live sporting events in Texas. The Globe Life Field will soon be hosting Texas Live events, and this is meant to transform this place to the new destination for sporting entertainment tours and the overall the best entertainment district. For fresh air circulation and ventilation, the new Ballpark two concourses are designed in such a way that it allows in maximum air circulation. Moreover, concessions and Restrooms are perfectly receded away from the seating bowl that would otherwise result in obstruction of live views. According to the HKS design, the plaza facing north wall is made from an 18 brick for maximum support. The Texas white limestone and granite arches that are well-packed with a curtain of walls in between acts as the unique decorative features of the Texas Rangers new Ballpark. The new Ballpark Globe Life Field architects have made it possible for someone to walk on the underneath corridor in the arches, which are the main concourse. This feature makes it possible for someone to have a clear view of the game on one side and the plaza on the other side. For your information, the creation and design of a multi-level landscape and a large plaza next to the stadium was made as a result of inspiration from the former Texas farmhouse porches. Besides, other elements have been borrowed and modified from other well-recognized ballparks in the neighboring states and also from the former Globe Life Park.Globe Life Field Construction Globe Life Field final construction phase – Courtesy of FT Star Telegram

The new Ball Park of the Texas Rangers includes a controllable shade?

Due to the hot summer afternoons and the hot climate in Texas, the architects and designers of the new Ballpark in Arlington introduced a climate-controlling infrastructure that also includes a vast retractable roof that can be controlled to close or open according to the nature of weather at that moment. This comfy design aims to increase the relaxation of those watching games so that one can sit and watch the entire game without making unnecessary movements while the game continues. Besides, the broader seats, as well as the wide-ranging front row seating plan, will further increase the comfort of all those who will be watching games.

What do you know about the Globe Life Field old park?

When was Globe Life Field Old Park opened?

Do you know that the old Globe Life Park is coming to an end on Sunday with the mark of the Texas Rangers-New York Yankees game? Yes, we are waving goodbye to the old Globe Life Field in this year’s season, which will commence on Sunday and thus mark a transition to the new Ballpark. Ballpark in Arlington was primarily opened in 1994 as Globe Life Field and then followed by Oriole Park located at the Camden Yards to embrace the innovative retro ballparks trend. Are you aware that David M. Schwartz Architects designed a Ballpark in Arlington? They borrowed several classic designs form ballparks to come up with this right-field porch similar to that of Tiger stadium? Other designs borrowed included the manual scoreboard from Fenway Park’s Green Monster board and arched windows similar to those of Comiskey Park. The exterior decorations are also similar to those found in local landmarks such as the historic longhorn bas reliefs. It must have been an excellent facility in Texas at that time.

How much is Globe Life Park? Budget?

One of the significant shortcomings in The Ballpark in Arlington, which later became the Ameriquest Field then Rangers Ballpark and finally the Globe Life Park, is that none of them came with shade in the most seats that would otherwise caution those watching game from adverse weather conditions. Most ownership didn’t have that idea of constructing a done shaped stadium but rather an open-air ballpark with a perspective that baseball was more of an outdoor game rather than an indoor game. Gorge Bush and Tom Schrieffer are among those supported for the establishment of open stadiums. Rangers Ballpark in Arlington with a $191 million budget remained reluctant to spend double their regular spending in the installation of retractable roofs, although this technology was availed since 1998 but expensive.

Park designing phase, one of the most critical lessons forgotten was the lesson gained at Arlington Stadium during a minor-league ballpark after the expansion of Rangers back in 1972. The absence of shade in this stadium led to a miserable experience. On the other hand, although Globe Life Park had more abundant shades compared to Arlington Stadium, these shades were not enough to offer adequate relief to the majority of the huge fans. Tom Hicks was the owner of Rangers after purchasing it in 1998 finally realized that the absence of a shade affected the attendance and also the business bottom line. Thus a remedy to this challenge was to be established. Several team-commissioned studies established a long-lasting solution concerning the relief and shade measures that included the installation of free sunscreens and roof installation. However, none proved feasible on both engineering and financial mainly due to the large footprint of the Ballpark that hindered the installation of a new roof. The final decision was to develop a new and advanced facility that could be complete for the 2020 season that would feature a retractable and weather controllable roof.

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