Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights

Kyle Chandler Roped into Texas

Kyle Chandler – The Early Years

Kyle Martin Fitzgerald Chandler is a well-loved American actor who was born in Buffalo, New York in 1965 but spent much of his childhood living in Illinois where he remained until the age of 11. At this point, the family, which included Kyle, his parents and his three siblings relocated to Georgia where they bred dogs and lived a relaxed life on the farm. The family ran a successful dog breeding business which continued to be operated by his mother when Kyles father died in 1979.

In his early teenage years, Kyle enjoyed playing football and played for the state championship, however after the premature death of his father, he ended his participation in the sport and focused his mind on acting. He attended a theatre program run by the George Walton Academy where he took his education. At the end of his time here, he went on to study drama at the acclaimed University of Georgia.

Film And Television

In the late 1980’s, Kyle Chandler began his professional acting career and was signed to the new talent program run by media giant ABC where he debuted in ‘Quiet Victory’ shortly after being signed. Soon after, the talented actor landed his first major role in ‘Tour of Duty’ playing Private William Griner.

His acting went from strength to strength from this point onwards and in the early 90’s he found himself on the big screen for the first time playing a major role in the film, ‘Pure Country.’

He continued to star in a variety of TV and movie features including 42 episodes of the show ‘Homefront,’ playing one of his most notable roles, Jeff Metcalf.

If starring on-screen wasn’t enough, Chandler went on to try his hand on the Broadway stage and in 1994, starred alongside Ashley Judd in a successful production of the play ‘Picnic’ by William Inge.

Moving On Up

As Chandler’s career kept moving forward, his presence on the stage and screen sky-rocketed with the actor performing many notable roles including Bruce Baxter in the 2005 remake of the iconic movie, King Kong.

His television career was proving to be just as successful and in 2006, he took a role in the extremely popular TV drama, Grey’s Anatomy in which he played Dylan Young for two episodes. He made a return to the show for a further two episodes the following year and his acting was so well received that he won an Emmy for Best Guest Actor as a result of this.

Kyle Chandler in Bloodline Scene from Bloodline, courtesy of

Up until the present day, he has also starred in numerous other roles in a variety of big and small screen productions including ‘Friday Night Lights‘ ‘The Kingdom’ and the super successful ‘Bloodline.’ One of his most successful movies, ‘Godzilla: King Of The Monsters’ was released in 2019 and promises further work in the role in the movie sequel which is soon to be produced.

For me, Chandler will always be the great, Coach Eric Taylor of the mighty Dillon Panthers! The Friday Night Lights television series was a smashing success and ran from 2006 through 2011 and was primarily filmed in Austin, Texas. However, the first few episodes were filmed just up the road in Pfugerville. The series featured 76 episodes and was centered around the lives of high school football players in the great state of Texas and how football is the lifeblood of most small towns in Texas.

Coach Eric Taylor Kyle Chandler as lead role, Coach Eric Taylor, Friday Night Lights


The Personal Life Of Kyle Chandler

Outside of acting, Chandler has an active personal life in which he offers his services as a volunteer fire-fighter. But his charitable work doesn’t end there, he regularly takes part in a golf contest which aims to raise money to help footballers who have experienced an injury to the spine.

In 1995, Kyle married his partner, Kathryn Macquarrie and the couple have two daughters named Sawyer and Sydney. Sawyer and her father have bonded over their passion for raising awareness of shark-finning and are known to actively campaign against the practice. 

Where Is Kyle Chander Now?

Despite his many successful roles on the stage and screen, Mr Chandler has opted for a quite, more family-oriented lifestyle. The actor spent the majority of his career, 20 years, in fact, living in the thick of the acting world in Los Angeles, which served his career well. However, the Chandler family background in dog breeding led Kyle and Kathryn to make the move down to Texas where they purchased an impressive 33-acre piece of land where the dogs could run free and the family could live in tranquility. Located in Dripping Springs, which as of 2018 was a city of only 4600 people, Kyle and his family can experience a happy family life that easily separates work and family and takes him back to this rural roots.

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