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Best Texas Lakes for Camping

With hot summers and relatively mild winters, Texas is the ideal year-round location for camping trips. What’s more, the state has plenty of outdoor spaces to explore giving adventurers a guaranteed good time.

But with such a large choice of camping spots, it can be overwhelming when trying to choose the best location for getting back to nature. In this article, we are going to explore some of the most beautiful lakes in Texas that are sure to light your fire!

Let’s take a look at some of the best Texas lakes for camping and what these lakes have to offer!

Possum Kingdom

Possum Kingdom Lake Texas Fun Facts

Just over an hour’s drive outside of Dallas and Fort Worth is the beautiful Possum Kingdom State Park which attracts many campers due to the large lake which is ideal for many water-based activities. The lake accommodates for snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, swimming and boating giving visitors ample opportunity to experience action and adventure during their stay. However, for those who are looking for a more relaxing break, the stunning sandy beach offers the perfect place to kick back.

In addition to this, with over 300 miles of shoreline to explore and many pretty coves, you won’t be disappointed when checking out some of the excellent hiking spots.

You won’t be short on choice when it comes to finding the perfect place to pitch your tent since the site offers a great selection of camping spots. This is a lake which is ideal for families, getting the kids to explore the great outdoors or for adult campers looking for variety and stunning scenery.

Ray Roberts Lake

Lake Ray Robert

This huge, 3000-acre body of water is situated within the Ray Roberts state park, near to Dallas and offers some of the most attractive outdoor space in the area. Whilst there are many campsites on and around the lake, one of the most sought after is the Isle du Bois which features an excellent bike trail for those looking for an active vacation.

There is plenty to do out on the water during your stay with the chance to take part in a spot of fishing or something a little more adventurous why not hop in a canoe or try your hand at windsurfing? The lake is an ideal swimming spot and also gives visitors a chance to relax on the shore and soak up the glorious Texas sunshine.

Away from the water, campers might enjoy exploring the surrounding area on horseback which is one of the most popular activities here and with more than 20 miles of trail to explore, you certainly will have a lot to discover.

The Ray Roberts lake is the perfect getaway for families and groups of friends and with the chance to hire a boat from the well-equipped marina, you can combine camping and water-based fun in one sensational vacation.

Lake Livingston

Lake Livingston Texas Fan Facts

Located in East Texas Piney Woods, 75 miles from Houston, Lake Livingston is the second biggest lake in the entire state and offers the ideal camping spot for exploring the Big Thicket National Preserve and the Sam Houston National Forest, both of which feature stunning scenery and ample walking opportunities.

The beautiful lakeside retreat offers plenty of places to camp as well as some log-cabins for those who want that little bit of added luxury.

Alongside some quiet and tranquil hiking trails, there are some excellent fishing spots and plenty of other activities to keep people of all ages entertained.

Why not get the kids involved in some geocaching and explore nature or take a dip in the lake? Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed bike ride or take a boat out onto the water and make the most of the beautiful weather.

Inks Lake

Inks Lake Texas Fan Facts

An hour’s drive northwest of Austin brings you to the stunning clear-water Inks Lake, which is located within a state park of the same name. Not only does this incredibly beautiful location offer an outdoor experience like no other but it also gives you the chance to take part in some exciting activities.

The area is renowned for its bird-watching opportunities making it ideal for wildlife lovers.

What’s more, the lake has a point locally known as Devil’s Waterhole which is one of the main attractions here and this is no surprise when you learn that the rocky cliffs offer the perfect natural diving board into the clear water. You might also wish to take advantage of one of the many hiking trails here.

As far as camping is concerned, Inks Lake is home to more than 200 camping sites giving you the freedom to find a spot that feels just right for you.

Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake

Not only can Caddo Lake lay claim to being the largest lake in Texas, but it may also boast that it is one of the states favorite fishing spots with more than 70 species being found here. And if wildlife is your thing, you might be excited to learn that the lake is also home to alligators and other interesting creatures.

Whilst you aren’t able to swim here due to the snappy residents, there are many other local activities to do whilst enjoying the unique scenery that Caddo Lake has to offer. Take a boat out onto the water or simply relax on the shore.

With many incredible hiking trails, campers will always find something new to explore and upon returning to your tent at one of the many well-equipped campsites you can enjoy the full electric hook-ups and picturesque seating areas. Whilst many of the sites here offer RV amenities, one site, the Mill Pond is exclusive for those staying in a tent.

Lake Whitney

Lake Whitney Texas Fan Facts

If you are looking for a lake that boasts incredible wildlife watching opportunities, Lake Whitney has got you covered. The area is home to more than 195 species of bird including the bald eagle and the turkey – diversity at its best!

But if animals aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other activities to get stuck into with the Lake offering some great fishing and swimming spots. It is important to keep in mind that the lake offers specific areas to swim, so be sure to find these out on arrival. You might also enjoy exploring the many walking and biking trails.

What makes Lake Whitney extra special is that pretty much all of the campsites have easy access to the lake so no matter which you choose, you can be sure to be able to take advantage of everything the lake has to offer.

Purchasing The Right Tent for the Weekend 

With so many options when it comes to buying a tent, it may be difficult to work out which one best suits your needs. In addition to this, there are a wealth of accessories such as pegs, guy ropes and mallets to name a few making the buying process overwhelming if you aren’t clued up.

However, there are some simple guidelines that you can follow to help ensure that you purchase the right tent for those fun weekend getaways in the Texas countryside.

  • Consider what you will use your tent for. Whilst a lightweight tent will likely cost a little more, they are ideal for moving from one place to another and offer warm and cozy sleeping conditions. However, for a family vacation, they may not offer the space you will need to accommodate all your belongings and the kids. It is wise to buy a tent that is slighter bigger than you need. For three people, buy a four-man tent, this will give you the confidence that you won’t be packed in like sardines.
  • In addition to the size tent you will buy, it is important to consider how it will be transported. For example, if you plan on backpacking you will benefit from a lighter tent which you can easily carry from one place to another. But if you are moving the tent in your car, you are at liberty to go as big as you’d like – just remember to keep in mind how easy it will be to pitch and take down your tent.
  • Before you make a purchase, be sure to pitch the tent. When possible, physically visit a retailer to check out the tent to make sure it meets your needs . Then you might want to go online to make the purchase. Much of the time online retailers such as will beat brick and mortar retailers.
  • Be sure to perform some research before making a final decision on your tent. User-experience is often more reliable than what a company will tell you and getting a good idea of the tent’s performance can provide extremely useful information.
  • Think about the weather. For most people, summer is the ideal time for camping but there is nothing stopping you getting back to nature at any time of the year. However, if you are considering an all-seasons vacation, it is worth purchasing a tent that is designed for this purpose.

Where Do I Buy A Tent And Accessories?

One of the best ways to purchase a tent is to head to your local camping supplies store and see the tent in the flesh. However, we know that with our busy, modern lives this isn’t always easy, so buying your camping gear online is just as viable an option. There are many online stores offering everything from lightweight two-man tents to luxury family tents and all the accessories you will need to make camping a breeze.

Listed below are the two tents that are recommended 


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