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Awesome Dirt Biking in Texas

Dirt bike riding is an activity that will get your heart pumping hard. You’ll get to do leaps and do some fancy maneuvers. Dirt bike riding is an extreme recreational activity. However, it’s also cool. So if you’re aiming to do something that people find amazing, mastering the dirt bike isn’t a bad idea.

What’s the best place for dirt bike riding? It’s probably Texas. Texas has lots of flatlands that are suitable for riding dirt bikes. Plus it’s mostly dry throughout the year. This is one reason why beginners and seasoned dirt bike riders love it here.

In this discussion, I’ll give you the best dirt biking locations in Texas. But before we head over that, allow me to give you a brief guide on dirt bikes.

What Is A Dirt Bike?

Some people make the fatal mistake of thinking that a dirt bike and a conventional motorcycle are the same. It’s true that you may consider dirt bike as a motorcycle, but a motorcycle can never be considered as a dirt bike. In essence, a dirt bike is a motorcycle that’s specifically designed for offroad use. Compared to a normal motorcycle, a dirt bike is more efficient for traversing rocky and uneven trails.

Carl Schmidt and Steven McFadden founded the dirt bike industry in the U.S. Both of them are dirt bike enthusiasts with a notable level of knowledge in engineering. Schmidt and McFadden designed the first U.S. dirt bike frames themselves. Because they don’t have much know-how to building engines, they used engines from Honda and Rotax Motors. Their design finished first in the Las Vegas race and their work became famous thereafter.

How Can A Beginner Differentiate Between A Dirt Bike and A Normal Motorcycle?

Beginners find it hard to put a distinction between normal motorcycles and dirt bikes. As a result, it’s common for them to buy the wrong ride. If you’re new to dirt bikes, remember these main differences to tell which is which.

A Dirt Bike Has Bulkier Wheels

A dirt bike has bulky wheels. A small dirt bike has smaller wheels compared to a conventional motorcycle, but they’re still bulky. This is because they’re thicker and have larger spikes. The wheels of a dirt bike are designed like this so that they don’t slip and get punctured easily. Rough trails don’t offer that much friction, and a dirt bike might not be very stable if it uses wheels that aren’t designed for off-road use.

A Dirt Bike Has Longer Suspensions

The front and rear suspensions of a dirt bike are longer than that of a conventional motorcycle. It’s designed for the efficient absorption of shocks while traversing rough trails. The longer suspension is also useful for launching off and landing. It ensures that most of the shock doesn’t get to the frame so the rider won’t get thrown off balance.

A Dirt Bike Is Lighter And Slimmer

A dirt bike is lighter and slimmer than conventional motorcycles. This is because they’re manufactured with fewer covers and features. It’s common for dirt bikes not to have a head, rear, and signal lights. Most of a dirt bike’s weight comes from the engine and frame. The other parts don’t weight a lot. Also, it’s exterior has a slimmer design. The reason for this is to allow the user to ride with unparalleled precision, speed, and control.

Beginner dirt bike

Taking Care of Dirt Bikes

Proper maintenance is not only for making a dirt bike last long but it’s also for safety. Beginners and even seasoned riders commit the pitfall of not giving proper care to their dirt bikes. Here are some of the simple yet very crucial dirt bike maintenance practices that you should do.

A common reason why dirt bike engines break down is the lack of lubricant. Lubricant is crucial for dirt bike maintenance because it protects the engine from too much heat. It does this by reducing friction on the pistons, the gears, and other inner components. When it’s out of oil, the dirt bike engine may start to smoke and eventually fails to work.

Aside from the engine, the chains also require frequent oiling. Oil helps the chain to pass smoothly on the sprocket. The chain becomes stiff without oil. As a result, it might snap or jump over the sprocket.

Also, you should always check the wheels. Dirt bike wheels don’t get worn easily. However, it’s best to be safe than sorry. Always check the wheels before and after riding your dirt bike. This will allow you to determine whether or not the wheels are still in good condition.

Dirt Bike wrench

Where To Purchase A Dirt Bike in Texas?

Dirt biking is a popular sport in Texas. Because of this, it has various shops selling dirt bikes – old and brand new. In this section, I’ll show you where to purchase dirt bikes in Texas.

You can readily find dirt bikes for sale online. One platform that I particularly love is the Facebook market. The Facebook market has dozens of dirt bikes sold by different owners living in different regions of Texas. Most dirt bikes found here are sold by owners living in Dallas. The majority of them are second hand so might have to do a lot of interviews to ensure that your purchase is worth it.

Buying a dirt bike 2

Another place that has the best dirt bike deals is Broadway Powersports. Broadway Powersports is located in 12421 State Highway 155 S, Tyler, Texas. This shop sells various dirt bikes and their matching equipment. Popular brands that it sells are Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and KTM. I strongly recommend that you buy here because they have all the parts you need for maintenance. 

For buying from an online shop in Texas, I recommend Cycleshack North. Its headquarters is located in Conroe. Apart from dirt bikes, Cycleshack North sells scooters, powerboats, ATV’s, UTV’s, and conventional motorcycles. This online shop is connected to various manufacturers all over the globe. If you’re looking for a particular dirt bike brand, purchasing here is your best choice.

Dirt Biking Locations In Texas

The state government of Texas has strict regulations on dirt biking. Dirt biking is only allowed on locations approved by the authorities to operate. Riding your dirt bike in unapproved locations might get you sanctioned. If you’re not a local in Texas, these places are the safest for you to ride your dirt bike without breaking state laws.

Village Creek MX Village Creek bikingThis dirt biking location started in 1996. Since then, many riders have been visiting it. Village Creek MX trail only spans for 4 miles, but don’t let this discourage you. The terrain here is very ideal for dirt biking because it’s made out of sand and clay. As a result, the trail may be short, but riding here is a challenge.

Underground MX Park Underground Biking

Underground MX park consists of dirt biking areas that professionals and beginners will love. It has trails with small hills and easy turns that are suitable for inexperienced dirt bikers. Furthermore, this place also offers dirt bike riding tutorial. If you’re aiming to improve your skills. Underground MX park is the place to go.

Northwest OHV Park

Northwest OVV Park dirt bike trail spans for 25 miles. This is 21 miles greater than the trail of Village Creek MX. What makes this location unique is that its trails have difficulty indicators. This allows the rider to choose which trails to ride based on their skills and experience.

Buffalo Creek MX Park

Buffalo creek is popular for its sand trail. Control and stability are harder to maintain when riding in a sand trail than in normal trails. Don’t miss this place if you’re feeling cheeky of your dirt-biking skills.

Trophy Club Park

Finally, Trophy Club Park is the best place to go if you’re planning to get wet with your dirt bike. Its trail has mud pools and ruts and will take you through the forest. A word of advice; don’t come here if you’re dirt bike’s condition isn’t good. Other activities that you can do here are kayaking, camping, fishing, and mountain biking.

Ending Words

Texas is the place to go for good biking experience. Other riders that you’ll encounter here are very friendly and are more than happy to give you an advice or two. Also, it might even have the best dirt bikes on sale because dirt biking is very popular among its locals. Get a dirt bike now and don’t hesitate to visit the locations that I mentioned here.

Like with any motorized vehicle, protective equipment is just as important as the dirt bike, itself. Listed below are a few protective devices you might be interested in obtaining before jumping on that dirt bike!



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